IRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies Review

IRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies Review Robot Vaccum HQ
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Summary: The iRobot Roomba 770 has an unique cleaning system that helps pick up dirt, dust, per hair, etc...Features include dual HEPA filters and infrared remote. This long lasting robot vacuum cleaner by one of the best brands on the market is sure to keep your home or business spotless.



You may love your cat or your dog to death as if they were just another part of the family.  However, you more than likely hate having to clean up all of the hair and dander that they can leave all around your home over time.  Are you sick of having to ask your houseguests if they are allergic to your pets before they enter your home primarily because you know that there is hair and dander all over the place? Well, your worries are now over because the iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the perfect tool for you to use in order to get rid of all of those allergens within your home or office space.

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Advanced Cleaning System

One of the major highlights of the iRobot Roomba 770 is that it comes with an advanced cleaning head system that is beyond comparison to many of the other systems that are being used by comparable models from competing brands.  This cleaning head has been enforced with a revolutionary design that allows you to enjoy a superior level of performance when it comes to removing pet hair, dust, dirt and so much more from within the average environment or space.

There are also dual HEPA filters that have been implemented into the design that make it easy to trap any and every sign of dust, particulates and allergens that may be present in order to leave behind nothing but clean and fresh air.

Effortless Operation on Your Part

There are quite a few models that have been manufactured by other brands that require you to put forth a considerable amount of effort just to remain functional and efficient.  For instance, you may have to get up and control the vacuum just to make sure that it gets all of the necessary spots and stops running into walls and furnishings.  The iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot, on the other hand, does the exact opposite.  The infrared remote that comes built into the unit allows you to be able to control the device from a distance without ever having to move from your comfortable seat, chair or bed.

Prolonged Battery Life and Efficient Power Usage

Another point that you will never have to worry about with this particular model is constantly having to charge it since the battery dies fairly quickly.  That is not an issue whatsoever with this Roomba model.  It uses a highly sophisticated software system that manages its power consumption overall to an extent where the actual battery is capable of lasting 50 percent longer than many other models that have been released before it.  Therefore, regardless of the size of your home or number of rooms that you use this single model to clean, the battery life should last long enough for you to cover a lot of ground within a relatively short period of time.

Automatic Scheduling

Just when you thought that the list of benefits could not possibly get any longer, it does.  This Roomba model is also capable of performing its cleaning duties automatically on a schedule.  Studies have confirmed that the average consumer can program a maximum of seven cleaning sessions each week and the Roomba does not even need to be activated manually to get started.  It can easily be programmed to work even when no one else is home.

What Customers Have to Say

The vast majority of customers that have purchased this iRobot Roomba model have had nothing but great things to say about it.  From the stylish design to the undeniable efficiency and performance, it has truly set the bar high when it comes to what consumers seem to expect from their robotic vacuum units.


  • Advanced cleaning head system for first-class cleaning efficiency
  • Dual HEPA filters integrated into its design for eco-friendly results
  • Infrared remote included for effortless control over the device
  • Power management software that drastically extends battery life while decreasing power consumption
  • Consumers are able to schedule up to seven automatic cleaning sessions each week
  • The overall brand name of iRobot has proven to be a benefit in itself for their expanding line of robotic vacuums


  • Price is a little steep, especially when compared to comparable models for competing brands
  • Quite a few consumers have complained about problems that this unit has with dark rugs and multiple rooms


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