Neato vs Roomba – A Competitive Analysis

Neato and Roomba have been able to dominate the industry of robotic vacuum units, causing consumer and critics alike to ponder about which line of high-end units can be considered better or worse than the other. There have been many detailed product reviews that have been released about these two models over the years, but it is always good to have them compared against each other in a head-to-head battle in order to have a clear perspective of which one should be able to receive the crown of victory and which one will be forced to settle with being considered second best.

A Tale of Two Types

First and foremost, it is important for you to take into consideration the simple fact that the playing field is not leveled between these two options. When dealing with these particular units, you technically are not comparing two robot vacuums. Keep in mind that the Roomba should actually be considered as being more of a high-powered sweeper. On the other hand, the Neato was specifically designed and programmed to function as a highly efficient vacuuming unit. Therefore, you are actually comparing apples and oranges when you think about it. When it comes to cleaning carpet, a vacuuming unit is always going to be the better choice. However, the downside is that the vacuuming unit will use a considerable amount of power as well.


This is why it has to be the most efficient option available. Even though the Roomba is able to bounce from spot to spot within a single room until its job is completed, the Neato is simply not capable of operating so aimlessly. It has been programmed to map out the entire space first and foremost before proceeding any further in order to make sure that it follows an exact map and path from start to finish. There are even some cases in which the Neato will require at least a partial recharge in the middle of a job simply because it is not designed to rush and hastily handle its assigned cleaning duties.


The Floor Test


One of the most important aspects of any vacuum test, whether robotic or not, is the floor test. At the end of the day, it truly doesn’t matter what types of bells and whistles come with the unit or how sleek and stylish it may appear. The actual floor is where it all boils down in the end, because the performance of the unit on the floor is what will truly determine exactly which unit reigns supreme overall.


Case studies and consumer surveys have confirmed that the Neato is superior when it comes to cleaning carpet. If you only have to worry about a tile or wooden floor, though, then the Roomba is the unanimous winner when it comes to these areas specifically because of the way that it is designed and its overall operational efficiency and performance. However, the Roomba is definitely not something that you want to use on your carpets, because it simply will not get the job done thoroughly enough.


Keep in mind that the Roomba is more of a surface unit – focusing on cleaning messes, dirt and debris that are visibly seen on the surface. This is why it works so well on wood and tile flooring. However, when it comes to carpeting, most stains and dirt sink deep down into the internal layers and fibers of your carpet. Therefore, you are going to need a vacuum that is fully capable of reaching those levels. The Roomba will basically work on the top only and allow the dirt beneath the surface to continue to accumulate and eventually damage or even destroy your carpet.


The Final Verdict

It is rather difficult to state whether or not the Roomba is better than the Neato or vice versa. This is primarily because of the simple fact that the needs and expectations of one consumer will be very different when compared directly to the needs and expectations of another. In order to determine the best brand, the best approach to take would be to simply identify your specific needs and find the model that meets them.

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